Introduction to Internet of Things [IoT] in Tamil

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41 students

Course Objective

         Internet of Things [IoT] is already changing the world we are living in. The world won’t function the same way in the course of 10 years. With IoT, everything around us will be talking to each other, both living and non-living, making things happen automatically. This course is aimed at helping people to get started with this awesome technology in the easiest way.

In the course, we will start with IoT background, followed by the basics of Arduino Embedded Platform and ending with automating our house through WiFi. At the end of the course, we will be able to control our house from our mobile and send statistical data to the cloud from the house.

Course Outcomes

  • Get to  know the IoT history, examples and scope
  • Learn to use Arduino Embedded platform, which the most successful, in case of experimentation
  • Get to know how to use AltSense Arduino trainer shield, which makes electronics very easy
  • You get to watch and go through proper videos in a step by step to automate your house.


The learned will receive the successful course completion certificate from Chuvadi partner in the email after completing the course within the time period.

About the Institute

AltSense is a training startup established in 2015. AltSense was started with the main objective of bridging the gap between technology and the common man through training and innovative solutions. Since then, AltSense has conducted 100+ workshops across Tamilnadu in various technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Robotics and so on. More than 3000+ students have benefited from their sessions. AltSense in involved in various research projects too related to IoT and Robotics. Students are given opportunities to work on real-time projects through internships. With all their positive reviews, AltSense now steps into online training so that more and more people can be benefited.

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