Introduction to 3D Printing in Tamil

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Welcome to 3D’ing

Thanks for your interest in getting to know about 3D Printing. 3D’ing has been organizing 3D Printing Workshops around the country. Over the course of 5 Years, the content has been curated heavily to impart the basics in the exact amount required. Being the category leader in the industry, we’d say that this session will help you understand this 3D Printing technology from the basics of manufacturing. 3D Printing is the major fuel that drives the next Industrial Revolution- Industry 4.0. and is already changing most of the industry’s workflow. Pretty much every industry is spending heavily on 3D Printing, which makes 3D Printing knowledge essential not only for Engineers but also for any other graduates. If you are not excited about 3D Printing, then you are not thinking BIG enough- says some visionaries on “How 3D Printing will radically change the world” – CNBC. So, there is absolutely no reason that you cannot know about 3D Printing! Follow us on our social media platforms.

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