Introduction to 3D Printing in Tamil

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Course Objective:

Over the last 3 centuries, the world has undergone 3 major Industrial Revolutions.

  • The first one due to the mass extraction of coal leading to the invention of First-generation machinery & thus the steam engine revolution.
  • The Second one due to the invention of Electrical, Gas & Oil Energy, leading to Mass Manufacturing.
  • The Third one due to the invention of transistors leading to Computers & thus the Digital Revolution.

As you read this, the world is witnessing the start of a 4th major industrial revolution; primarily focussed towards Smart Factories, which will be built of Cyber-Physical Systems – a tightly integrated physical-digital interface consisting of Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Cloud & Cognitive Computing.

This revolution is expected to happen over the next 5 decades and is projected to be a Multi-Trillion Dollar Market. Organizations Worldwide are preparing themselves towards this revolution.

Are you up for this revolution?

Course Outcomes

35% of Engineering Jobs now require 3D Printing Skills – IEEE

..but unfortunately, 3D Printing is nowhere part of the major curriculum today. One attempt by 3D’ing has been to educate the modern generation of students with where our expertise lies – 3D Printing, a Technology that every industry requires, let it be Arts, Electronics, Manufacturing, Biotech, Construction, AeroSpace.

This course will let the learners understand this disruptive technology from a beginner level. the outcomes are as follows.

  • The traditional Manufacturing process and their problem
  • Need for 3D Printing
  • Various Applications of 3D Printing
  • Process Flow
  • 3D Scanning and applications
  • 3D Designing
  • 3D Slicing
  • 3D Printing & Post-processing
  • Different types of 3D Printing technologies

What else are you waiting for? Enroll now and Let’s talk 3D Printing!


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About the Institute

3D’ing is the Largest manufacturer of 3D Printers in India. Established in 2013, 3Ding manufactures & deals with a wide variety of 3D Printers ranging from Domestic to Industrial to large format 3D Printers. 3Ding also deals with 3D Scanners, Consumables, etc. 3Ding is also an Advisory Partner for Additive Manufacturing for quite a few Large Corporates, including one among the Big-4 companies.

With 4000+ 3D Printers shipped out, 100,000+ hours of commercial 3D Printing & hundreds of 3D Printing workshops, 3D’ing commands roughly 50% of the 3D Printing Market Share in India. There’s absolutely no other organization in the country who can impart better 3D Printing knowledge than 3D’ing.

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    3D Printing in Tamil

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