Introduction to 3D Printing in English

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Configuring & 3D Slicing

3D Slicing is the process in which one CAD model will be converted into many 2-D layer information. In technical terms, using 3D Slicing software/tools, we will be able to get an equivalent Gcode file from a mesh model (STL, OBJ, AMF) file along with some basic technical information about the 3D Printer on which the sliced Gcode is to be loaded and printed.

So, we need to create a profile for the 3D Printer into the slicing software with the basic info and this process is called Configuring a 3D Printer profile. This is a one-time process for a particular model of 3D Printer.

Once done, you can load any model, resize them, rotate them, change the orientation of Printing the model, and change Printing/Slicing parameters based on the same and export the equivalent Gcode from the software which can be used to initiate the print onto the 3D Printer.

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